ILS Colloquium


18 June 2020
15:30 - 17:00
MS Teams

Gert Rijlaarsdam

Academia: perfect context to study academic writing to improve academic writing

University of Amsterdam

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In this talk I would like to share a research and instructional design that we implemented in a bridging program in which non-academic bachelor students prepared themselves for entrance in a master program Professional Communication. Both the research and the instructional design were based on a research program I created with many others since 1994.

What I will show and discuss are

1. the basic ingredients of the course of academic writing we ran in Antwerp, and on what empirical findings these decisions were based.

2. the kind of data that we collected during these courses to study the academic writing processes and the relation between writing processes, text quality and student variables.

3. the possibility to set up such reciprocal relations between teaching and research in academia. For more information about the reciprocity of instruction and research: